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MDI Project Management is focused on providing you with superior service until the completion of your project.  We provide a comprehensive framework for all the necessary components, and work in compliance with the mandatory building inspections safety programs and provide a budget so you can plan ahead.  We have professionals on staff so we can cover every aspect of your needs and rely less on “outside” individuals.





Project Management

Our staff of qualified experienced project managers have overseen simple bathroom renovations to multi-million dollar full restoration projects.  We understand the intricacies of working with the city’s building departments and meeting the needs of our clients and making those two entities come together so that a project can be completed on time and budget.

Architectural/ Engineering Services

We have a database of Licensed and Certified architects and engineers in various fields that we work with who have demonstrated a superior knowledge and expertise and whom we rely on and trust to handle our ongoing projects.  They work on our plans, surveys, and the ever important wind load calculations that are necessary down here.

40-50 year Re-Certification


Illumination Survey- Using the latest in lighting test equipment we analyze parking, and common areas to insure a “safe well lit” environment for patrons, and/or residents is maintained. Often LED lighting upgrades can be achieved to provide the building with long term savings on electricity.

High-Resolution Videos – Are offered to document your buildings or property’s challenging areas, so well thought-out, cost effective solutions can be discussed and implemented.

Bid Review

Those building re-certifications come around sooner than you think and we are adept at handling them.  We will go over your building and let you know what needs to be addressed and can make those repairs if necessary or can act as your consultant if you wish to get outside bids to make sure that the job gets done right.

Code Violations Solutions

No one likes to get notices of violations, but if you do get them you certainly can’t ignore them.  Throughout the years we have navigated the building department and code compliance divisions of most cities in South Florida, and can assist in either mitigating those violations or addressing them and will work with you to get them resolved.

MDI has mitigated and saved over 1 million dollars in penalty fees for our clients

Construction/Restoration Services

Owning or managing property in South Florida has its share of issues.  The most common being;

  • Parking Illumination
  • Painting
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Balcony/Railing Replacement

The Florida climate takes its toll on these items and knowing they are a potential area of issue is only part of the challenge.  Having the best and cost effective solution to addressing them is the next step.  We will work with you to evaluate all your options and make sure you understand each of them and the positives and negatives of every solution.

Reserve Studies

Condo associations are required to perform reserve studies to determine if they carry enough reserves to cover most major replacement items in their buildings.  Our firm has staff to help perform these studies.  Depending on the level of reserve study that is desired we will perform inspections either with or without engineering reports, and build you a reserve report that will provide an analysis of how your building, and budget is prepared to handle upcoming repair and replacement items.


One thing that separates us from almost every other firm out there is our ability to finance your construction project.  We have partnered with a lender who knows our work, and due to our relationship is willing to finance projects from 500K to 10M.  This makes handling those necessary repairs and upgrades much easier to address.  In addition the costs are low, there is NO prepayment penalty, NO personal guarantee, and most importantly, NO lien on the property.